Course Benefits

Enables students with all the necessary knowledge

  • To build custom Android Devices
  • Build embedded Android Systems
  • Become Android Dr to fix issues
  • Who this course is for ?

    This course intended for mobile enthusiasts, Cyber Security enthusiasts, Android Developers, IoT Enthusiasts.

      Students currently studying computer science and cyber security
      Anyone who wants to build his own Android Device
      Technicians working with Android Devices
      Anyone seeking to build their career and seeking job opportunity in Android Device Manufacturing Sector
      Android Developers

    Course Content

    Introduction to Android Hardware

  • Android Hardware Architecture (SOC,BaseBand Processor, Flash, RAM, PMIC, Sensors, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, JTAG, Audio Codec, SIM, Ethernet, USB etc)
  • What is Microprocessor, Micro controller, SOC
  • System on Chip (SOC) Architecture
  • Difference between Qualcomm, Snapdragon, MediaTek MTK, Samsung Exynos, NVidia Tegra, Spreadrum etc
  • ARM and other types of Architecture for Mobile Devices
  • Types of Memory used in Mobile Devices
  • Dismantling and Assembling an Android Device
  • Minimum requirements to build an Android Device
  • By end of this class, the student will learn the hardware components inside an android device and its use. The students will be given an Android device to dismantle and assemble to understand how an android hardware is built.

    Basics of Android Systems

  • Android system architecture and its components
  • Introduction to Kernel
  • Difference between Linux Kernel and Android Kernel
  • Android File System
  • Android Partition and Images (boot, kernel, ramdisk, system recovery, cache, misc, userdata, metadata, vendor, radio, tos)
  • Creating Partition and partition Size.
  • Boot Up Process In-Depth
  • Boot ROM (U-Boot, Boot Loader, Creating Custom Boot Image)
  • Boot Loader Locking & unlocking (Hard & Soft)
  • FastBoot
  • ADB
  • By end of this session, the students will have a very good understanding of Android System, file system partition and the complete bootup process. Also the student will learn to use Android Debug Bridge to commmunicate.

    Android Firmware Customization

  • Factory Resetting (Soft Reset and Hard Reset)
  • Booting Device in different Modes (Safe, Recovery, Fastboot, Download, BootLoader, emmc etc)
  • Why we use these modes?
  • Hardware Key combinations used by different Manufacturers.
  • Booting modes for flashing files
  • How to unlock boot loaders by brands
  • Device Backups
  • Stock Recovery and Custom Recovery
  • When and Why to Install a Custom Recovery
  • Different Custom Recoveries (ClockworkMod Recovery,Team Win Recovery Project)
  • Stock ROM vs Custom ROM
  • Different types of Custom ROM (Lineage OS, CynergenMod)
  • Flashing Custom ROM
  • What is inside system.img , boot.img
  • What is GApps
  • Flashing GApps
  • What is GMS (Google Mobile Services)
  • What is MADA certification
  • By end of this session, the students will know how to flash custom Android and learn the advantages and disadvantages of it. Learn what are the services provided by Google for Android.

    Build your own Android

  • What is AOSP ?
  • Source Control Tools and Downloading the Source
  • Introduction to Build System
  • Building ROM vs Kernel
  • Driver Files
  • Building Android (Setting up the Environment, Choosing the Target, Building the Code, Flashing, Emulating an Android Device , Trouble shooting Common Build Errors)
  • Building the Kernel
  • Android Compatibility Definition Document
  • Compatibility Test Suite
  • By end of this session, the students will know how to build their own Android Firmware and will have a good understading of how vendors build their Android devices.

    Learn to use Android Tools

  • Building a Dual Boot Android Device
  • Rooting different devices using different tools and methods
  • Supers SU
  • Heimadall
  • Odin
  • Sp tool
  • Research download tool
  • Android network unlock,FRP bypass and different kind of unlocking tools (Z3X,Jtag)
  • Flashing different type of custom roms as experiment
  • By end of this session, the students will have know how know the tools and use the tools for rooting and fixing various Android releated issues

    Rectifying Android Firmware Issues

  • Solving some of the Software issues in Android (Bricking, Boot Loop , etc)
  • Learning deeply about chip flashing using JTAG tool
  • Solving some hardware related problems and identifying (using multimeter)
  • Android devices testing QA process
  • Android devices QC process
  • How famous mobile brands doing research about mobile device development
  • How to check the performance of a mobile phone universally
  • How to work with famous mobile phone companies
  • How to work with rom developing companies
  • By end of this session, the students will know to fix any software related issues in Android Firmware.

    Denift Krishan

    Krish holds a BSc in computer science and engineering. Has over 5 years of experience in Software Industry. He specializes in Mobile Technology, IoT and Embedded Systems. He is a specializes in Android Hardware and firmware. He works for Greentel mobile as a Research Engineer, he is resposible for creating all the hardware and firmaware OS and Software for the a leading mobiles and tablets manufacturing company. He has contributed to cyanogen mode firmware development community currently named as lineage OS.